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Development History Of Wireless Chargers
Sep 29, 2016

As early as in the 1830 of the 19th century, Michael Faraday discovered that generate a current in the magnetic field around the wire. In the 1890 of the 19th century, the Serbia-born scientist Nikola Tesla filed for a patent in the first. But it is a pity, a delay in this study for a century. The biggest obstacle is the transmission efficiency is too low and there is a risk. Electromagnetic radiation is only suitable for transmission of information, and is not suitable for transmitting energy. Because no directional radiation at all, energy will be wasted in useless space. Ideas using directed electromagnetic radiation, such as laser, but its operation and highly dangerous. Department of electronic engineering, City University of Hong Kong Professor Xu Shuyuan has successfully developed in the early years of "radio pool charging platforms" can be charged a number of electronic products in a platform, no external wires through low-frequency electromagnetic auto-recharge, charging time is no different from the traditional Chargers. But the technology still needs contact with the charger, which uses near field electromagnetic coupling.