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How To Choose A Protective Leather Case For IPhone 7 And Plus
Nov 13, 2016

How to choose a protective leather case for iPhone 7 and Plus ?


With the rapid development of science and technology, cellphone beauty industry has been very popular .There are plenty of brand name cellphone cases in the market, it is not so easy to choose a right protectivve case for your brand new iPhone 7.


Cellphone protective case can be divided into several sections by its material: silicone, leather, PC shell, carbon fiber,allunimum, etc.


We would like to share how to choose right protective leather case for iPhone 7 and Plus today.


Most business men would like to use generous leather case with pure color,while young people like to use leisure style with different pattern even with diy color or paintings.Similar with silicone cellphone case, leather cellphone case can be divided into two kinds, one is the waist hanging holster which has been popular for many years,the other is portable cellphone case,although with different appearance,the manufacturing process is almost the same.The advantages of portable leather case is chic, elegant,good heat dissipation.The leather case quality is different too.


Although you can see the leather cases in the market everywhere, a leather case with 2 dollars absolutely can't be a natural leather, mostly with artificial leather,sooner it may carcking after using for several months. The natural leather with durable long life time, of course price is not cheap,may cost 19 to 39 dollars.