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Led Lamp Pros And Cons
May 16, 2017

LED lighting, also known as solid-state lighting, as the incandescent, fluorescent lamp after the third generation of lighting technology, with energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable features, solid-state light source is optimistic about the industry in the next decade to replace the traditional lighting equipment with great potential Light source, representing the future of lighting technology. The development of new solid-state lighting, not only in the field of lighting revolution, but also in line with the current government's "building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society" requirements.

led lamp In addition, there is one point, the longer the LED lights the longer the light source in the phosphor decay faster, the result will lead to human eye contact with the blue light band more and more intense light, causing damage to the human eye. So long-term look at the eyes of LED light source, easy to make people dizzy, uncomfortable feeling, and even cause eye damage, making the risk of suffering from eye disease will be improved. Remind, do not let the eyes long time watching the bright LED light source, so as not to damage the eyes.

LED application is very extensive, it is suitable for auxiliary external lighting (LED light boxes, car LED taillights, etc.).

led lamp Disadvantages:

First, the monochromatic light source, the chromatogram is too narrow, the eye will affect the optic nerve, easy fatigue

Second, the price is more expensive, relative to other light sources, the price is generally higher.

Third, LED lamps as a result of entry threshold is low, which also includes a number of substandard products, the lack of relevant domestic quality testing means, mainly in developed countries, the quality of detection standards.

Fourth, LED small lamp beads, the use of a few years later will be slowly lost and can not be replaced, likely to cause the entire lamp scrapped

Fifth, poor workmanship LED eye protection will produce a slight strobe and radiation

Six, the adapter is generally shorter than the LED light beads life, the transformer is easier to bad


First, the light source direction is good, on-demand lighting, as a good emergency desk light

Second, the illumination is sufficient to meet your general lighting needs

led lamp Third, the DC power supply, good work without flicker, no electromagnetic radiation

Fourth, green, energy efficient

5, solid light source, anti-mechanical vibration

Six, no UV, no infrared

Seven, LED small lamp beads longer life