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Mobile Fast Charge Technology Science-black Tech
Sep 29, 2016

As mobile phones after entering the smart times, become a necessity of life, battery life for mobile phones is more and more high. Unfortunately is that the lithium-ion battery technology is now at a bottleneck stage, time is very difficult to have a breakthrough, since it is impossible to increase cell phone battery, charging more than once is also a way to save! Call to time, still nursing the x-Po! In the mobile phone sector x also have such a treasure, that is not currently fire fast charge technology. Three models of the fast charge technology first of all, what is the fast charge technology? As its name suggests, fast charge is the ability to speed up charging technology, how it works is very simple, with chipset support, adjust the voltage and current input values of mobile phones, thus shortening the charging time. Adjustment there are three main types: 1. high voltage and constant current mode 2. low voltage, high current mode 3. high voltage high current mode