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Mobile Phones And Hoverboards
Dec 19, 2016

In addition to mobile phone and hoverboard ( also well known as balance scooter ) are high-tech 

products, it seems there are no direct relationship with them. However, with the continuous 

development of technology and creativity, mobile phones and hoverboards are linking more 


1. Currently on the market, most self balance hoverboard equipped with additional Bluetooth speaker

    function, with Bluetooth module come with cellphone, you can easily connect the balance scooter's 

    built-in Bluetooth speaker, the music you like, your personality can be perfectly present in front of 

    the public , showing an unqiue you to others.

2. Some of the self balancing hoverboard with the App function, scan the bar code on the user instructions

    with your cellphone, you can download the original App software which helps to control your hoverboard

    through the cell phone, you can get hoverboard real time battery capacity , speed, current etc, so that 

    traveling can be more worry-free. In addition, you can set the alarm function, and no need to worry about 

    the hoverboard being stolen.

Of course, you can also use the cellphone to take pictures and videos for your hoverboards.With the development

of science and technology, balance scooter and cell phone will be more closely linked, let us wait and 

see their development soon.