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Phone Case The Rapid Development
May 16, 2017

  phone case In the late nineties of the twentieth century, mobile phone shell through the mobile phone slim start opportunity. Its type also with the mobile phone brand and function of the increase was diversified, according to the texture of leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic and other factors.

Mobile phone shell development to 2013, is no longer a simple practical goods. With the popularity of mobile phones in the young community, almost every fashionable young people want to have a unique mobile phone. To the mobile phone beauty has gradually become a way to show their personality.

In order to meet this trend, mobile phone protective sleeve manufacturers have introduced a number of more sophisticated workmanship, color patterns more chic products. This makes the type of mobile phone case more diversified.

  phone case With the rapid development of science and technology level, technology and beauty industry as a new industry out of new industries. Fashion IT brand with the diversification of the market development. For the increase in mobile phone brands and functions were diversified, the phone shell by the texture of the PC shell, leather, silicone, fabric, hard plastic, leather, metal glass shell, soft plastic, velvet, silk and other categories The Mobile phone shell not only as an ornament to make your phone a landscape, more protection of mobile phones, drop, scratch, waterproof and shock!

  phone case Specific role:

1, to protect the role of mobile phones to prevent hard objects in the phone screen or fuselage left scratches.

2, the phone can be DIY on a variety of patterns, a beauty, the role of fashion!

3, silicone shell can prevent nails for a long time with the key contact scratches, worn, there is a protective screen and the role of the button.

4, silicone shell has a non-slip effect.

  phone case Features:


Phone protection shell features are: non-slip, shock, scratch, drop, wear, distinctive personality, cool, enhance the service life, can show a person's personality.


The shortcomings of the phone shell:

Hard shell if it is not perfect fit the phone itself will cause wear on the phone.

Metal phone shell will cause some interference in the mobile phone signal.

Tpu material of the phone shell easy to change color