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Power Bank Purchase Criteria
May 16, 2017

   Power Bank From the internal structure of the mobile power point of view, mainly by the lithium battery, protection circuit and PCB circuit board, and a mobile power from the pros and cons of these two parts. From the use of the two point of view, the battery is mainly used in storage capacity to

Cell type

Cell type (3 sheets)

   Power Bank And to provide electricity, the battery is difficult to identify the pros and cons from the surface, and no one can be sure that the batteries between the different brands there must be a huge difference in quality, unless the adoption of a long time-consuming battery aging test. And PCB circuit board is more responsible for the responsibility of the circuit board to be responsible for the actual conversion efficiency of mobile power, a variety of protection mechanisms and output effects, it can be said that the circuit board design directly determines the output power of mobile power. So if a mobile power PCB circuit board with a good workmanship and design, while the use of batteries is also relatively good, and has a solid protection circuit, then the quality of this mobile power has been guaranteed.

Of course, consumers can not know the situation inside the mobile power. Do not consider the capacity of mobile power, from the consumer's point of view, you can simply think: a battery capacity and capacity can be consistent with the nominal capacity, while higher conversion efficiency, with a variety of reasonable protection mechanism, and slow aging Of the mobile power, is a good mobile power.

   Power Bank First, look at batteries. Most are soft packs of lithium batteries and 18650.

Soft lithium battery, also known as polymer batteries, as a paste of the battery can be made into a variety of shapes, which the industry called soft package. Its capacity through the mathematical formula projections, the market shape of the soft bag is more beautiful and full of personality. Safety factor is higher, but up the package, the probability of burning relatively large.

18650, liquid lithium battery, 18 and 65 indicate the size of the cell, 0 indicates it is cylindrical. Capacity, up to 3000mAh but may explode, the safety factor is low. If the outer protective plate is attached, the probability of explosion will be greatly reduced.

Second, look at the protection board. The protective plate is designed to automatically adjust when the power supply is overcharged or discharged, and automatically turn off the charging function after charging. The protection board also increases the conversion rate and reduces the effect of resistance on charging.

Third, look. I believe the appearance is a lot of friends to buy mobile power when one of the primary factors. Stylish appearance can add a lot of fun. The higher the volume of the same volume, the compact shape can highlight the portability of mobile power, increase the practicality.

  Power Bank Fourth, the electrical parameters:

1. Charging voltage and current: charging voltage is generally required 5V, universal mobile phone adapter. Charge current theory is to be bigger and better, charging faster. The actual should pay attention to heat problems.

2. Cell capacity: the general capacity of the battery is proportional to the volume, the larger the larger the capacity. Try to use the same volume under the capacity of large products. 3. Output voltage, output current: the output voltage must require 5V. Discharge current theory is also the bigger the better, the faster charge. The actual should pay attention to the issue of heating and digital products.

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