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Rainy Day Using Solar Power? Chinese Scientists Have Achieved
Sep 29, 2016

A revolution in solar energy is the future, but it has a major drawback: if it rains, panels are basically useless, they can store energy in a cloudy environment is limited. Science News Journal reported that Chinese researchers believe they have found a way to solar panels work in the rain, because they intend to use the water energy. Below, we take a look at what's going on. According to the researchers, published in Angewandte Chemie, international edition of the paper shows that Graphene is the key to solve this problem. Graphene is a very good electrical conductivity material, just add a layer of electron-rich Graphene, we can make a large number of electrons in the surface flow. When rain fell on Graphene, Graphene's electrons and cations in rainwater will appear the energy difference, and generate electricity. This means solar panels made from Graphene in rainy normal power generation. Researchers wrote in the paper: "the new highest conversion efficiency of solar panels at 6.53%. "Although this is not a very high efficiency, but the authors believe that all-weather solar cells promise to solve the energy crisis.