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Scientists Study The Topological Insulator, Phone Does Not Need To Be Recharged Anymore
Sep 29, 2016

We had in junior high school physics textbooks, according to the conductive properties of different materials can be divided into two large categories of conductors and insulators. Further, according to the different electronic State of topological properties, it can also be used for more detailed division. And topology insulation body is a very special of insulation body, from theory analysis, this class material of body of can with structure is typical of insulation body type, in fee meters can at exists with can gap, however in the class material of surface is always exists with through can gap of Dirac type of electronic State, thus led to its surface always metal sex of, that is, the material of iron magnetic characteristics (or high magnetization coefficient) can produced current, more important of is, it not caused energy of loss. In fact as early as in the 1980 of the 20th century, scientists discovered a "quantum Hall effect" under the magnetic field at low temperatures and current achievable without loss of energy in the border campaign.